About the App

Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi is pleased to announce the launch of the Union County Votes App, a free new mobile app designed to help Union County residents connect quickly and easily with accurate information about voting and elections.

The Union County Votes app enables voters to find their polling place, request voter registration forms and vote-by-mail ballots, view sample ballots, and follow unofficial election results in real time. The app also provides information for persons interested in becoming a poll worker or running for office, including election filing dates and district maps.

Features of the Union County Votes App
Am I Registered?
Check to see if you are registered to vote
Register to Vote
Request a Voter Registration Application from the Board of Elections by completing a form which asks the user to fill in their address.  Once the “Request Voter Registration Form” button is pressed, an email is generated to the Board of Elections prompting them to forward a Voter Registration Form.
Request a Vote By Mail Ballot Application
Request a Vote by Mail Ballot Application from the Union County Clerk’s Office.   Once the “Request a Vote by Mail Ballot Application” button is pressed, an email is generated to the Union County Clerk’s Office prompting us to forward a Vote by Mail Ballot Request Form.
Are you 17?
This button is designed especially for 17 year old potential voters, who will be 18 on or prior to the next election they wish to vote in.  Details regarding qualifications to vote, the registration process and deadlines are included.
Party Declaration
In response to voters wishing to make sure they are properly registered to vote in the upcoming Presidential Primary, this button explains how to declare party affiliation and provides an email form for the user to request a Party Declaration Form.
Important Dates
Whether you are a voter, candidate or campaign treasurer, get important Election dates here.  Once settings are enabled, the calendar item can be added to your personal calendar.  These dates are static throughout the State, so any New Jersey resident can use this function.
Where do I vote? View Your Sample Ballot
Enter your street address to be provided with your polling place and directions to your polling place.  Click on a link to view your Sample Ballot.
Sample Ballots
View sample ballots for each election district.
How to Vote
Watch a video demonstration on How to Vote using the Dominion Voting Machine and How to Vote using a Vote by Mail Ballot.  Written instructions are also provided. 
Who’s Running
View the list of candidates appearing on the ballot.
Presidential Websites
Access links to the official websites of the 2016 Presidential Candidates.  This button will be launched in mid-April, after the State of New Jersey has certified the Presidential candidates who will appear on the ballot. 
Campaign Finance
Obtain important information from the Election Law Enforcement Commission.
District Maps
View Election District maps of all 21 municipalities
Registration Statistics
Statistics will include how many total registered voters, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and undeclared voters are in the County and each individual municipality.  This button will be launched after the close of registration for the Primary Election and updated after the close of registration for the General Election.
Apply to Work at a Polling Place
View the application, poll worker presentation and handbook to enable you to work at a polling place
Election Results
View live, unofficial election results on Election night, official certified election results and historical election result information
Accessibility Information
Obtain important accessibility information regarding polling places and voting machines for the disabled.
Obtain a Candidate’s Petition
Learn where to obtain a candidate’s petition, who the filing entity is and important filing deadlines.
Military and Federal Overseas Voters
Learn how to vote if you or your family is in the military or living overseas.
Contact Us
Get contact information, hours and locations for the Union County Clerk’s Office.  All phone numbers and email addresses are hyperlinked.
Municipal Clerks
Get contact information for your Union County Municipal Clerk.  All phone numbers are hyperlinked.
Find Your County
Get contact information for your County Clerk, Superintendent of Elections or Commissioner of Registration if you live out of Union County.  All phone numbers are hyperlinked.